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The united creators of transaction TOM CRUISEs of the artists have acquired the rights to DOUGLAS PRESTON history THE MONSTER OF FLORENCE of the serial killer of to the Venice Film Festival In Italy cruise is attacked to products and possibly star in the exciting story, according to Preston author, that it has been inspired to write the book from an alive series of homicides macabri in that have happened between 1968 and 1985 - the same homicides that have inspired Thomas Harris to write Hush of the Hannibal continuation of Agnelli.

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No word still over if Tom would play the monster, or Florence, or (alarm of the spoiler) both! [Variety] Denzel Washington star in the Helium book, has been regulated nell immediate future, when America is an uncultivated land and a guerriero one only fights in order to carry to the society the acquaintance who is key to the relative one redemption. Denzel good, but he mummia d Alasca not in convincing way good etc etc of the hokey of s.. Tom Cruise and the uA have bought the rights to The Monster Of Florence, approximately a serial killer in charge of eight double quantity-homicides between 1968 and 1985.

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